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Dangerous Drugs Medical Devices | Video Transcript



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ANDY LIST: The knowledge and science of drugs and medical products increases exponentially each year. New drugs are brought to market and advances in technology provide implants and medical devices that enhance and extend our lives. While many of these drugs and medical products are safe and beneficial, some have proven to be dangerous, even fatal.
We expect the FDA, drug companies and medical product manufacturers to do thorough research and to keep us safe. But the rapid development and introduction of drugs and devices can lead to serious adverse reactions, injury and in some cases, death.

DALE PERDUE: It takes attorneys with strength, expertise and resources to stand up to these drug companies and manufacturers. In Ohio and across the country, these cases require substantial knowledge and experience. The associated legal work is complex and you need lawyers with a proven track record, in-depth expertise, resources and experience to protect your rights.

The Columbus, Ohio, law firm of Clark, Perdue & List is a nationally recognized legal team with a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the latest problems and recalls related to drugs and medical equipment.

For more than 20 years, Clark, Perdue & List has represented consumers who have been injured or killed by defective products, drugs and medical devices. Contact us. We have helped Ohioans and people in many states across the country. We’d be honored to help you.

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