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Defective Airbag

A number of years ago, injury and death cases involving airbags and small-sized passengers were often in the news. As a result, auto manufacturers often include notifications alerting parents that the back seat is the safest place for children. An airbag that deploys may injure a child or a small adult in a passenger seat.

On the other hand, defective airbags may fail to deploy at all, resulting in serious injury or death. What could have been a minor accident becomes a serious or catastrophic accident when brakes, seatbelts or airbags are defective. If you face great expenses as well as pain and suffering or the emotionally painful loss of a loved one after a car crash, ask our attorneys how to determine whether a defective airbag might have been the underlying cause. Your case may involve a product liability claim against a manufacturer or installer of the airbag that malfunctioned in your car.

When An Ohio Car Accident Resulted In Injuries Because Of A Defective Airbag

What caused your injuries in a car accident? Clark, Perdue & List Co, LPA, investigates accidents and prepares claims and lawsuits from our law offices in Columbus, Ohio. A defective airbag? Accident attorneys at our law firm can help determine the cause(s). Our personal injury law firm has helped many injured people and families of fatal accident victims recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wage replacement, and acknowledgement of pain and suffering. We handle product liability cases as well as other types of motor vehicle accident cases.

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