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Use Of Expert Witnesses In Columbus Personal Injury Cases

An Experienced Team Working Diligently To Obtain Results For You

When you retain Clark, Perdue & List Co, LPA, to handle your personal injury case, you are hiring a team of experienced attorneys. We may also invite various experts to join the team to provide insights into key aspects of your case and, if necessary, testimony at trial.

We select these professionals on the basis of their expertise and the value they can bring to the case. Some of the many types of experts we work with include the following:

Accident reconstruction experts — These professionals determine how the accident happened by visiting the scene of the accident, examining the vehicles, debris and skid marks and uncovering other important information that may not be included in the police report.

Engineers — These professionals can provide insights regarding accident causation and other issues vital to the case at hand. They are particularly useful in product liability cases, that hinge on highly technical investigations into design, materials and manufacturing techniques. Many of the engineers we work with are acknowledged by their peers as experts in their fields.

Medical specialists — In many cases, we learn about our clients’ medical needs through discussions with their own physicians. In cases involving severe injuries, we interact with leading practitioners and consultants in medical specialties.

Life care planners — Used in cases involving life-changing injuries (such as a brain injury, spinal cord injury or burns). This medical professional can identify all of the medical, rehabilitation and personal services the accident victim will need for the rest of his or her life.

Economists — These experts can place a value on the future income an accident victim would have earned had the accident not happened. This is essential in a wrongful death case.

Industry experts — Sometimes, we retain former executives and managers regarding standard industry practices and how a company’s departure from those standards led to an accident.

We carefully screen the experts we work with, retaining only those who can make significant contributions to the case. Your team of lawyers, legal professionals and technical experts will be committed to obtaining the best possible result for you.

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