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During these unprecedented times, Clark, Perdue, & List Co, LPA is here to fully support your needs in a timely and safe manner. COVID-19 should not affect your ability to investigate a personal injury case. We currently remain open and are still accepting new cases. With your safety top of mind, we are scheduling all meetings via telephone or video conference at this time.

Landlord Negligence

Landlord Negligence: What Recourse Do Renters Have?

Renters rely on their landlords to keep their properties properly maintained and free from unsafe conditions. Unfortunately, some property owners do not take that responsibility seriously. In fact, many tenants are hurt every year because of landlord negligence. Our Columbus Ohio landlord liability lawyers believe that you deserve someone to stand up for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve for medical bills, lost wages, damage to property, disabilities, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

Our attorneys will fight for you. Landlords and insurance companies may make unfair and unreasonable offers or even try to deny your claim completely. We can be by your side the entire way, fighting for the compensation you deserve so you can get back to your life.

To talk to us about your case, call us toll free at 800-647-7003 or locally here in Columbus at 614-469-1400.

When Is A Landlord Liable?

Like many areas of personal injury law, it comes down to proving negligence. In other words, did the landlord meet the standard of care that a reasonable person would use under the circumstances? Our investigation of a rental property premises liability case will focus on these issues:

  • Was the landlord responsible for maintaining the area where the accident occurred?
  • Did the landlord take steps to fix the issue or, at minimum, provide adequate warnings?
  • Was the landlord notified there was a potential hazard?
  • Was the accident probably the result of a failure to rectify the problem?
  • Did the tenant suffer a significant injury?

Our lawyers will work to investigate your claims and work hard to win the financial compensation you are owed. You do not need to face the landlord’s insurance company alone, and you do not have to settle for less than you are entitled.

Contact our Columbus Premises Liability Lawyers

We are dedicated to helping victims injured by the negligence of others, not just to run a business, but because it is the right thing to do. We pride ourselves in helping our clients through their most difficult moments. For a free consultation, contact us and we can sit down with you to discuss your situation.


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