Propane Tank and Natural Gas Explosions

Injury And Death Resulting From Propane Tank And Natural Gas Explosions

Explosions resulting from propane tanks and natural gas leaks can result in substantial injuries or loss of life. At Clark, Perdue & List we have a strong proven track record of helping people in the Columbus area and throughout Ohio who have been injured in gas-related explosions and fires, and protecting the legal and financial rights of families who have lost someone they love.

We will vigorously investigate the source of the explosion, including defects related to the storage tank, as well as the actions of utility company employees or construction workers who failed to follow appropriate safety regulations and take appropriate precautionary steps when working on your home or in your neighborhood. If you have been injured in an explosion, or have lost a family member in a related fire or accident, contact experienced fire and explosion accident lawyers.

Natural Gas, Gas Grills And Propane Tanks

There are several causes of propane tank explosions and fires. Valves can be defective in their design or manufacture, and a loose valve can result in dangerous gas leaks. Natural gas and propane are actually heavier than air, and leaking gas and associated vapors can quickly accumulate and expand until they reach a source of ignition such as a spark, a pilot light, internal heating systems, open flames, even light switches and clothes dryers.

Gas grills can be especially hazardous due to poor design, defective ignition systems, lack of ventilation, and leaking valves or connections. You can be following the designed lighting mechanisms of a gas grill and still experience severe burns to your hands, arms, chest and face.

Contact Experienced And Proven Ohio Accident And Injury Lawyers Immediately

It is important to preserve vital evidence from the scene of natural gas explosions or propane tank fires. If you or someone you love has been injured in an explosion, contact a proven team of accident and injury attorneys or call us at 800-647-7003 to schedule an appointment. If necessary we will come to you. Let us manage the details, so that you and your family can focus on healing and obtain the peace of mind you deserve.


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