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Scar Injury in a Car Accident

Columbus Ohio Car Crash Lawyers

The Columbus Ohio personal injury lawyers at Clark Perdue have extensive experience representing clients with scar injuries caused by car accidents. We have a deep understanding of scarring, the different types of treatment available for scars, and the emotional toll of dealing with a scar injury. This enables us to provide a high level of service to scar victims.

Motor vehicle accidents can cause many injuries that can lead to development of scars.

Facial injuries–including cuts, fractures and burns–are common in car accidents. These injuries usually result in scarring. Facial scarring, especially, can cause embarrassing disfigurement, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life. Scars are permanent and can be life-altering. While various types of scar revision treatments can minimize scars and improve their appearance, scars cannot be completely erased.

“Road rash” is another common injury suffered in motor vehicle accidents, especially in accidents involving motorcycles and bicycles. “Road rash” is a term used to describe abrasions suffered when skin is dragged across asphalt or concrete. These abrasions can cover large areas of the body, and scarring is common. In the most serious cases, the entire outer layer of skin may be removed, exposing underlying layers of fat and supporting tissue structures.

Victims of motor vehicle accidents may also suffer injuries to their torso, arms and legs, resulting in scars in those areas. While not as obvious as facial scars, scars elsewhere on the body can cause the scar victim to feel self-conscious and to experience a loss of self-esteem.

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