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Contracture Scars

The Columbus Ohio personal injury lawyers at Clark Perdue are experienced in representing clients with scar injuries caused by burns, fires and explosions. We know the different types of treatment available for scars and recognize the emotional toll that scar injury victims must deal with.

Burns are the second most common cause of trauma. A large or widespread burn can be extremely painful and linger for a long time. Frequently it difficult to obtain relief from the pain.

Restoration to pre-injury appearance is important to the burn victim, as is return to normal functioning.

A burn victim can be left with scars of various degrees. All deep burns heal by scarring.

A contracture scar is a permanent tightening of skin, usually following a second or third degree burn injury. Contracture scars occur when normal elastic tissues are replaced with fibrous tissue. This causes the skin to resist stretching and limits or prevents normal movement of the affected area. Underlying muscles and tendons may be damaged. Depending on where the contracture scar is located, the victim may have difficulty performing normal activities of daily life such as walking, dressing or eating.

Contracture scars typically cause extreme disfigurement, resulting in embarrassment, humiliation and mental anguish. Contracture scars may also cause impaired movement or function. They do not heal on their own. Treatment may include contracture release surgery to restore function, physical therapy and use of pressure garments or splints.

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