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Brain Injuries

Columbus Ohio Brain Injury Lawyers

Even so-called “mild” brain damage can turn lives upside down. Minor impairments to memory and brain function can result in loss of daily functioning and affect relationships, employment and other facets of life. A brain injury can create severe emotional and financial hardship.
Have you or a loved one suffered a brain injury in an accident caused by another person or party’s negligence? Understanding your legal rights can help you deal with the crisis of a head injury. It is important to consult with experienced personal injury attorneys to understand your rights and to protect the legal and financial interests of the injured party.

The Complex Nature Of A Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can cause confusing changes that are not easily understood by the survivor’s family. Simple tasks once taken for granted may become cumbersome or even impossible to do. Brain injury survivors often suffer a loss of memory and mood swings. Family and friends may see no outward sign of injury but can be frustrated by changes in mood, memory and function.

Specialized Cases

To protect your legal rights following a traumatic brain injury, you should consult a lawyer with specific training and experience in head injury cases. It is crucial that your attorney understand the extent of disability such injuries can cause — physically, cognitively and emotionally. Before hiring a brain injury lawyer to represent you, be sure to ask them about their specific experience with these kinds of cases. Also ask if their staff is trained to deal with brain injury survivors and their families.

Whiplash And Brain Injuries

Surprisingly, you can suffer a traumatic brain injury without actually hitting your head. In severe cases of whiplash, the brain can sustain bruising and permanent disruption of nerve fibers. Some important symptoms are headaches, blurred vision, forgetfulness, mood changes or inability to perform tasks that were once routine.

Even if you are partially at fault, you may still be entitled to recover a portion of your damages. Under Ohio’s law of comparative fault, if more than one person causes an accident, the fault is shared by the parties.

Our Experience In Brain Injury Cases

At Clark Perdue, we have handled many traumatic brain injury cases, including:

  • We represented a 60-year-old woman who suffered a severe brain injury when her car was struck by a van owned by a local utility company. The utility company blamed the woman, although the evidence (including statements made by the utility driver) showed that the van pulled in front of our client. Acting as her traumatic brain injury lawyers we hired highly skilled experts and conducted two “focus groups” that showed we would win. When we were only three days away from trial and completely prepared, the utility company finally offered a very substantial settlement. Our client is now able to receive all of the care she needs to be comfortable for the rest of her life.
  • Chad suffered a catastrophic brain injury in an automobile collision. As a result, Chad’s family was forced to rebuild their home, add wheelchair ramps, widen doors and virtually turn Chad’s bedroom into a hospital room. Additionally, Chad’s mother was forced to quit her job to become an around-the-clock caregiver to her son. As Chad’s brain injury lawyers we sued the driver who caused the collision, as well as two insurance companies that provided insurance to Chad and his family. This lawsuit resulted in a substantial settlement, allowing Chad’s family to pay for the changes to their home and to obtain some help in caring for Chad.

Brain Injury Resources

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