Bone Fractures

Bone Fractures

Accidents and Injuries Involving Bone Fractures

Bone Fractures are common injuries in motor vehicle accidents. Broken bones occur when the forces imposed by the crash exceed the strength of the bones themselves. Many accident victims have a broken arm, broken wrist, or broken hands and fingers as a result of bracing for the side impact or head-on collision. Impacts with a windshield, dashboard or the side of the vehicle can cause skull fracture, a broken nose, fractures to the cheek and chin areas, as well as the jaw. Collisions with a lot of force can result in broken legs, a broken ankle, even a crushed or broken pelvis. Pedestrians struck in a crosswalk or hit by a car often experience broken knees, as well as broken bones in their backs and necks.

Fractures are usually divided into the following categories:

  • Simple fracture – the bone does not break through the skin
  • Compound fracture – the bone breaks through the skin creating an open wound, even though the bone(s) may withdraw back below the skin after the incident
  • Complete fracture – the bone breaks into two or more pieces
  • Incomplete fracture – the bone may be cracked or split but does not break all the way through (also known as a “hairline” fracture)

Treatment For Bone Fractures

Normally, a broken bone is immobilized using a splint or cast until the bone has completely healed. These common injuries are quite painful, and when severe enough, can even require multiple surgeries and extensive physical or occupational therapy to repair. Some of these procedures require medical devices to secure or realign the broken bones. Doctors will often insert screws or pins, and attach plates to reconstruct severe fractures. Healing can require weeks or months causing a loss of income from your job and extensive medical bills.

It is so important not to settle too quickly with the insurance company when broken bones are involved. The adjuster may be pushing for a quick resolution, but it takes time to genuinely understand the long-term consequences of these injuries. Joints that have been damaged in an accident are more susceptible to painful and sometimes disabling arthritis. Damage to nerves, and associated muscles, ligaments, tendons and disks may take several months to fully manifest.

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