Boating Accident

Columbus Ohio Boating Accident Lawyers

Boating with family and friends is an enjoyable summer recreational activity for many Ohioans. Sadly, every year, many people are seriously injured and killed in boating accidents. Our Ohio boating accident lawyers can help recover damages for injuries caused by those responsible for causing boating accidents.

United States Coast Guard statistics show that hundreds of deaths and thousands of serious injuries occur in boating accidents every year.

In 2013, The Ohio Department of Wildlife Services Division of watercraft reported 140 boating accidents resulting in 13 deaths and 41 injuries. In 2014, 22 people died as a result of boating mishaps in Ohio.

Most boating accidents result from human error that could be easily avoided. Operator inexperience and alcohol use contribute to more than half of the boating accidents reported every year. Excessive speed, improper lookout, improper maintenance, overloading and defective watercraft are other leading contributing factors

Ohio law requires operators of most powerboats to complete an approved boating course and requires watercraft to be equipped with safety equipment including flotation devices, fire extinguishers and navigation lights.

The Ohio boating accident lawyers are experienced in handling wrongful death and personal injury claims from boating accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured in a boat accident due to another’s negligence, the law firm of Clark, Perdue & List may be able to help.

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