Truck Accident Injury

Truck accident injury cases require an experienced legal team

A commercial tractor-trailer traveling down the highway carrying a sizable load has built-in dangers. Add to that a truck driver who is sleep-deprived or impaired, and the resulting truck accident injuries may be catastrophic.

Whether you have suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a fatal truck accident, you need a high level of representation — the type Clark, Perdue & List provides to residents of Columbus and throughout Ohio.

Truck drivers must follow not only basic standards of safety but also strict federal regulations. When they fall short, you or a loved one could be seriously injured. For help, contact us at 614-469-1400 or toll free at 800-647-7003.

When Serious Injuries And Death Occur In A Truck Crash

Our lawyers provide skillful, proven and aggressive representation to individuals and the families of those injured or killed in accidents such as:


Attention To Detail To Get To The Facts Of Your Truck Accident

At Clark, Perdue & List, we get to work on your truck accident claim while you recover from your severe injuries. That will involve a detailed investigation and a thorough review of accident reports, medical records and witness statements. We will also secure the data necessary from the trucking company to identify where the negligence occurred.

Experience And Resources Needed To Handle A Complex Claim

Our personal injury lawyers have the experience and the resources to handle this level of claim. In fact, we welcome the challenge. Too much is at stake following a truck accident, specifically your health and ability to make a living. You will find additional information about truck accidents and their causes here:

If you have been injured in a truck crash, contact one of our experienced truck accident attorneys
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