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Passenger Injuries

Were You A Passenger In A Columbus Or Central Ohio Car, Truck Or Motorcycle Accident?

Sometimes, the passenger in a car, truck or motorcycle crash pay the highest price in an accident. Passengers are often thrown from a vehicle, severely and permanently injured, and sometimes killed. You can be sitting in the front seat talking to the driver, listening to music on your iPod in the back seat, or riding on the back of a motorcycle and the next moment a crash changes your life forever.

You weren’t responsible, but you have been seriously injured and you deserve the best legal representation available to you to help make things right. You will lose wages at work, incur medical expenses and bills, you might need physical therapy, counseling or even permanent modifications to your home to accommodate your needs. Who should you turn to?

Experienced Ohio Lawyers Representing Passengers In Car, Truck And Motorcycle Accidents

At Clark, Perdue & List our attorneys provide skillful, proven and aggressive representation to passengers who are injured, and to the families of those killed in accidents such as:

If you have lost someone you love, or were injured while riding as a passenger in a car or vehicle, you are usually able to recover compensation for your injuries and losses – even if the person at fault was the driver of the vehicle you were riding in or on. Insurance and medical payment laws in Ohio are complex, and the trained legal professionals representing the insurance company are trying to minimize the settlement they offer to you. You need seasoned and experienced legal representation from a firm who has a proven track record protecting the legal and financial rights of passengers involved in an accident.

For more than 20 years the accident and injury attorneys at Clark, Perdue & List have been serving the people of Ohio who have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident. We will carefully reconstruct the circumstances surrounding the passenger, and what happened to them. We will aggressively pursue your interests to make sure that your needs are provided for, and that you have the medical care necessary to recover from your injuries move forward.

Contact A Law Firm With A Proven Track Record Representing Passengers In Car Accidents

If you were injured as a passenger in a car accident, contact our Columbus, Ohio, car accident attorneys to discuss what happened in your unique circumstances, and how we can help. We will provide a free consultation to explain the applicable laws and to help you to understand what to expect from here. Our reputation in the legal community is one of leadership and a proven track record of success. Clients involved in motor vehicle accidents praise us for our dedication and aggressive approach. For help, contact us, call us at 614-469-1400 or phone toll free at 800-647-7003. You can trust us to manage the legal details and help provide peace of mind to you and your family.


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