Head-On and Rear-End Collisions

An Ohio Head-On Or Rear-End Collision Means Someone Was At Fault

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Head-on collisions and rear-end accidents can often result in serious injuries, even fatality. Head-on accidents usually leave drivers and passengers with severe and permanent injuries. If you were run into from behind or suffered severe or catastrophic injury from a side impact crash, it usually means the other driver was impaired or distracted by something resulting in negligence.

These accidents can occur on Ohio’s busy State Routes, Interstates, back roads or right in your neighborhood. Many times drivers cross the center line (left of center) due to fatigue, drug or alcohol abuse, or because they were looking down to read a map or to use their cellphone. These types of distractions also contribute to rear-end impacts where someone runs into you while you are stopped at a red light, stop sign or even while you are parked. Side impact or “T-Bone” accidents are usually caused by a driver who “didn’t see you” or someone who wasn’t paying attention to traffic control devices and signs such as running a red light or running a stop sign. Sometimes it is as simple as a failure to yield.

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Now that you have been injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, what matters most is getting you well and preparing for life from this point forward. You will need someone to protect your legal rights and interests, to recover your lost wages and to make sure the medical bills (now and in the future) are paid. We will investigate what has happened to preserve evidence and collect relevant information. We will handle all of the communications with the insurance adjusters and attorneys for the other parties involved in the crash.

We will bring in the experts necessary to reconstruct what happened, and to detail the financial and medical implications now and in the future. If your injuries are permanent, we will prepare what is known as a “Life Plan” to make sure that you will receive the care and financial support needed for the rest of your life.

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