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Nursing Home Case Results

We Have Handled A Wide Variety Of Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect Cases

Some of the many victims of nursing home abuse and neglect Clark, Perdue & List Co, LPA has represented include:

  • Mary died after a series of falls in a nursing home. We sued the corporation that owned and operated the nursing home. The suit was brought on behalf of Mary’s surviving spouse and adult children. The case was tried before a jury, which made a substantial award, including punitive damages and attorney fees.
  • Horace, a nursing home resident, died of strangulation when his head became wedged in between the mattress and bed rail. Suit was brought against the same corporation that owned and operated the nursing home in which our client, Mary, died. We represented this client’s surviving spouse and adult children. We obtained a very fair settlement for the family.
  • Robert, a nursing home resident, suffered a broken hip after a fall. Adding insult to injury, the nursing home staff took X-rays of the wrong leg. Robert was placed in his bed for seven days. Suit was brought against the same corporation that owned and operated the nursing home in which Mary and Horace died. We obtained a substantial settlement for Robert.
  • Nellie, a nursing home resident, died after falling from a balcony on the fourth floor of the facility. The facility failed to have appropriate railings to prevent falls. As a result of the lawsuit, the nursing home balconies have been redesigned to prevent falls.

Ohio laws protect the rights of nursing home residents. A resident has the right to a safe and clean living environment, as well as the right to be free from physical, verbal, mental and emotional abuse.

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