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Misdiagnosis Of Ovarian And Cervical Cancer

Columbus, Ohio, Medical Malpractice Attorneys | Misdiagnosis Of Ovarian And Cervical Cancer

Among women’s reproductive cancers, ovarian cancer has the dubious distinction of having the highest mortality rate. Approximately 26,000 new diagnoses of ovarian cancer are made each year in the U.S. With an estimated 155,000 annual deaths in the United States, ovarian cancer is one of the top five causes of cancer death.

Tragically, most ovarian cancer patients survive only one year or less after diagnosis for the reason that it is rarely diagnosed in the early stages when the survival rate is as high as 94 percent.

Often called “the silent killer” because of the scarcity of symptoms, cervical cancer is nearly 100 percent survivable when it is discovered at the precancerous lesion stage. As a result of Pap testing, the incidence and the mortality rate of cervical cancer has decreased 67 percent over the past 30 years.

Although cervical cancer is a slow growing cancer, it is frequently missed by medical professionals.

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