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Leukemia Misdiagnosis

Columbus, Ohio, Leukemia Misdiagnosis Attorney

While leukemia is typically diagnosed through blood sample examination, proper follow up with a marrow sample is key for a definitive diagnosis. When a physician dismisses possible symptoms, the result can be missing the proper diagnosis.

If leukemia is not diagnosed quickly, the situation can be dire, particularly for adults. Any delay in treatment compromise the patient’s chances for recovery. When medical professionals dismiss particular symptoms or do not order the proper tests, they should be held accountable.

Ohio Medical Malpractice Attorney

For more than 36 years, our team has worked to obtain accountability and compensation for clients when they or their loved ones have been harmed by medical malpractice. We understand that nothing can take back the damage caused by these injuries. To the extent the law permits, we believe that individuals and families should be compensated and afforded the greatest opportunity for healing. We also believe that the civil justice system provides one of the greatest mechanisms for accountability and prevention of future negligence.

Get in touch as soon as possible if you believe you were a victim of medical malpractice; early and decisive action can be critically important. We are here for you.

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