financial loss

Financial Loss

If you have suffered a serious financial loss due to someone else’s misconduct, our lawyers may be able to help.

The trial skills needed to recover financial losses in personal injury cases are equally valuable when misconduct results in financial loss with no physical harm. These types of cases include:

  • Eminent Domain: The government’s right to take private property for the ‘public good’ is not without limit. We help private property owners receive fair compensation when the government chooses to exercise its right of eminent domain;
  • Insurance Bad Faith: People rely on insurance to protect them from unexpected losses. Insurance companies owe their insureds a duty of good faith in processing claims and paying them fairly. We hold insurance companies accountable when they act in bad faith toward their customers;
  • Consumer Class Actions: Large businesses, such as banks, credit card companies, and utilities, sometimes try to maximize profits by inflicting small financial losses upon a large number of people. Our law firm has the resources to hold businesses accountable through consumer class action lawsuits.

If you have suffered a serious financial loss due to the misconduct of another person or company, contact Clark, Perdue & List for a free consultation.