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The personal injury lawyers at Clark, Perdue & List have handled a wide range of cases involving car accidents, premises liability, defective products, and wrongful death. We use all means at our disposal to achieve the best possible result for our clients including, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and trial. Here are short descriptions of a few of the cases we have handled.

We do not publish the amount of our verdicts and settlements for two reasons. First, many of our settlements are subject to confidentiality agreements which prohibit us from disclosing the amount of the settlement. We also believe that publishing results in particular cases can be misleading because all cases are different. The results achieved in one case may not indicate the value of your case.

Of course, if you have questions about your specific case, we are happy to answer your questions. Simply contact us for a free consultation.

Unfenced Swimming Pool Drowning Death

We represented the family of a toddler who drowned in a neighbor’s swimming pool. Although the parents noticed the child’s absence almost immediately, it was long enough for the boy to fall into the unfenced pool. We presented a wrongful death claim under the neighbor’s home owner’s insurance policy claiming that the pool was an “attractive nuisance” to young children and should have been protected by a fence. We recovered the maximum amount available under the policy as compensation for the child’s tragic death.

Dog Owner Liability

Our client was walking her dog in a park. Another large dog dog got away from its owner and charged at our client and her pet. While protecting herself and her dog, our client fell to the ground, fracturing her leg. These injuries required surgery and a prolonged period of rehabilitation. We brought a claim against the other dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy and successfully recovered full compensation for our client’s medical expenses, disability, and physical pain.

Speeding Driver Causes Pedestrian’s Death

Cindy was crossing the street to join her youth group, which was gathering in front of her church. She crossed near the crosswalk. The defendant, who had a record of speeding, was speeding down the street and struck Cindy, causing her death. We argued that the defendant should have seen the youth group on the side of the street and recognized the potential for other young people to be in the area. We successfully argued that by speeding the defendant lost the right of way and was responsible for Cindy’s death. Our efforts resulted in a significant judgment against the defendant. His insurance company paid the judgment.

Drunk Driver Hits House Causing Death

Shirley died when a drunk driver went off the road, drove through her yard, and struck her house. The impact caused the roof of Shirley’s house to collapse, resulting in her wrongful death. We sued the drunk driver, as well as an insurance company that provided insurance coverage to Shirley and her family. The lawsuit resulted in a substantial settlement for the family.

Quadriplegia Caused by Hospital Neglect

Ron was paralyzed from the neck down after he suffered a seizure and fell in the skilled nursing unit of a hospital. The medical staff failed to provide Ron with medication necessary to prevent seizures. Ron lived as a quadriplegic for 15 months prior to his death. As Ron’s Ohio Malpractice Attorneys, we sued the corporation that owned and operated the facility and obtained a substantial settlement for Ron’s surviving family members.

Brain Injury in Car Accident

Chad suffered a catastrophic brain injury in an automobile collision. As a result, Chad’s family was forced to rebuild their home, add wheelchair ramps, widen doors, and virtually turn Chad’s bedroom into a hospital room. Additionally, Chad’s mother was forced to quit her job to become an around-the-clock caregiver to her son. As Chad’s brain injury lawyers we sued the driver who caused the collision, as well as two insurance companies that provided insurance to Chad and his family. This lawsuit resulted in a substantial settlement, allowing Chad’s family to pay for the changes to their home, and to obtain some help in caring for Chad.

Utility Company Held Accountable for its Driver’s Neglect

We represented a 60-year-old woman who suffered a severe brain injury when her car was struck by a van owned by a local utility company. The utility company blamed the woman, although the evidence (including statements made by the utility driver) showed that the van pulled in front of our client. Acting as her traumatic brain injury lawyers we hired highly skilled experts and conducted two “focus groups” which showed we would win. When we were only three days away from trial and completely prepared, the utility company finally offered a very substantial settlement. Our client is now able to receive all of the care she needs to be comfortable for the rest of her life.

Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction

Ed really enjoyed his motorcycle, a Honda 750. He was taking a leisure ride when the defendant failed to see him and struck him. Ed suffered bone fractures. The defense, as is often the case, argued that Ed was speeding. Insurance companies usually blame the motorcycle driver. Defendants often claim that the motorcyclist must have been speeding because the defendant did not see the cycle. Accident reconstruction testimony proved that Ed was not speeding. We obtained a significant settlement for Ed.

Motorcycle Accident Investigation

Our client, John, was leaving a gas station on his motorcycle. The driver of an SUV made a left turn into a gas station directly in front of John. John injured his leg in the collision. After the incident, the SUV driver claimed that our client caused the crash by driving too far to the left, and the SUV driver’s insurance company initially refused to admit responsibility for the incident. We obtained the written statement of a witness who was not listed by the police in the accident report. Based on this statement, the insurance company changed its position and accepted responsibility for paying for John’s injury.

Nursing Home Neglect

Nellie, a nursing home resident, died after falling from a balcony on the fourth floor of the facility. The facility failed to have appropriate railings to prevent falls. As a result of the lawsuit, the nursing home balconies have been redesigned to prevent falls.

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