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Even as Xarelto dangerous drugs claims are being filed across the United States, Bayer and Johnson & Johnson are continuing efforts to secure additional approved uses for the drug from the U. S. Food and Drug Administration.

Xarelto is one of the new “direct thrombin inhibitor” anticoagulant prescriptions, formulated to decrease the risk of blood clots and strokes.

Even though Xarelto has only been on the U.S. market for less than three years, it has become a widely prescribed drug, with projected sales by the end of 2014 of over $1 billion.

Serious concerns about the safety of Xarelto manifested quickly.  Because there is no antidote available, doctors have difficulty counteracting its effects if bleeding occurs.   Deaths and serious injuries have been reported as a result.

Despite mounting concerns over the safety of Xarelto, the drug’s manufacturers remain steadfast in their plans to request FDA approval that will allow the drug to be used in patients with acute coronary syndrome.  Recently, the drug makers indicated they would conduct three new clinical trials designed to demonstrate that Xarelto could be used for ACS, in spite of the fact that the FDA has rejected previous requests for additional approvals – not once, but three times.

Xarelto and other similar dangerous drugs such as Pradaxa were aggressively promoted over traditional blood thinners such as coumadin, promising a more flexible lifestyle to patients  because less monitoring was necessary.  Many Plaintiffs allege that the drug manufacturers failed to warn the public of the risk of severe bleeding and lack of antidote for severe bleeding.

In addition to severe bleeding, Xarelto has been linked to cerebral hemorrhages, stroke, heart attacks and blood clots.

The Ohio pharmaceutical injury attorneys at Clark, Perdue & List are experienced in handling claims against pharmaceutical and medical device companies.  If you or a loved one have suffered an injury that you believe is related to use of Xarelto, the Ohio Xarelto lawyers at Clark, Perdue & List may be able to help.