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Each day throughout the state of Ohio individuals unexpectedly die. When this happens, those left behind often face both emotional and financial difficulties related to dealing with the sudden loss. This can leave them feeling out of control and unsure of what steps take.

These incidents occur in a variety of settings including workplaces. Last month a woman died after an incident at her workplace where silicas and optical products are made. She was reportedly working with a paper rolling machine when something happened that caused her to become entangled in it.

Sometimes fatal accidents are due to negligent actions on the part of another. Though investigations have been launched into the incident by both law enforcement as well as her employer, it is currently unclear whether negligence on the part of the employer was to blame for the fatal accident. If it played a role, it is possible that the woman’s family could decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the business.

At the time of her death the woman was 51-years-old. Most people would agree that she should have had many years of life before her. There is, of course, nothing that can be done to bring the woman back. For many however, filing a wrongful death lawsuit helps address those feelings of loss. In addition to bringing a sense of closure to those who loved her, if successful, the financial damages that are usually awarded would likely make life easier for those left behind. This is particularly true in cases where the individual who died was responsible for contributing a significant portion of the household income.

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