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Motorcycles are the mode of transportation of choice for many in the Columbus, Ohio area. Unfortunately, they, just like other motor vehicles, could be involved in a crash at any time. While most of the time motorcycles and other vehicles navigate Franklin County roads without incident, at times collisions do occur. When this happens, it is often the individual on the motorcycle who receives the worst injuries. This was the case earlier this month at a Columbus intersection.

The incident happened one afternoon as a SUV attempted a left turn at the intersection. As she did so, the 31-year-old’s vehicle struck a motorcycle driven by a 43-year-old woman. The force of the impact caused the woman on the motorcycle to be thrown from her bike. She suffered serious injuries in the crash and despite being transferred to an area hospital, died. It is unclear if the woman in the SUV was hurt in the crash.

When a car hits a motorcycle, the reason behind the collision is often that the driver failed to see the much smaller motorcycle. Whether this is the case in this situation or other factors such as speed or alcohol were involved is not known. It is likely those matters will be cleared up in the course of the investigation that generally follows such an incident.

Even if the woman driving the SUV does not face criminal charges in connection with the fatal accident, it is possible that she could face a civil lawsuit. A wrongful death lawsuit could be filed by the family of the woman who died.

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