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Cancer is a disease that affects many individuals around the world. Like many other diseases, cancer is more treatable the earlier it is discovered within the body. One woman who has battled cancer for several years filed a medical malpractice suit against an Ohio hospital. She claims that the hospital should have detected the cancer many years ago, and she has recently been awarded a settlement.

In 2004, the woman visited the Ohio State University Medical Center in order to have a CAT scan. The original reason that the woman wanted to have the scan performed is not clear. She claims in her suit that the results depicted a visible mass on her pelvis. However, the radiologist at the medical center failed to detect and diagnose the mass.

In 2010, the woman found out that she had bone cancer. She returned to the medical center to undergo surgery, but she claims that the surgery only helped to spread the disease. Additionally, she stated that the medical center offered no follow up treatment. She was forced to undergo multiple other cancer-related surgeries.

The woman decided to file the medical malpractice suit against Ohio State University Medical Center, and the case was ultimately settled for the sum of $800,000. The medical center was not required to admit fault in the settlement. When an individual is pursuing a wrongful death suit, they have many directions available to them. If a settlement is offered, the plaintiff does not have to accept the terms. The plaintiff has the option to continue to litigate the case through the Ohio civil court system if the individual believes that option to be in his or her best interest.

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