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Are you getting ready to meet with a medical malpractice attorney?

If you were injured by a Columbus medical professional, consulting with an experienced local lawyer is a good idea. But the thought of starting the legal process may have you feeling stressed – and if that’s the case, preparing for the appointment can help you feel more comfortable. Before your medical malpractice attorney consultation, we recommend that you try to gather the following documents.

Medical Records

Upon leaving a Columbus health care facility, you should receive paperwork that details everything that was done during your visit. These documents may contain crucial notes about your injuries and the staff responsible for your mistreatment. In the event you’re unable to obtain copies of your medical records, a malpractice lawyer can help.

Prescription Information

Your medical malpractice attorney will want to know about the medications your doctors have prescribed, as the specific drugs or their dosages could play a role in your case. If you don’t have all of your prescription information, you can try visiting your pharmacy and asking if they can provide a list of your medications.

Medical Bills

Gather any medical bills you have received, along with any related financial paperwork. The information may prove to be extremely valuable to your malpractice case, as it not only serves as verification of your treatment costs but can also help in comparing your financial expenses to those of the average satisfied patient.

Insurance Information

If you’re able to access your health insurance policy, bring it with you to your medical malpractice lawyer consultation. And if you have received any correspondence from any insurance provider involved in your case, bring copies along to your appointment. Any of these documents could be useful for your attorney to review.

Proof of Lost Earnings

Have you missed work or can you no longer work as a result of a medical error? If so, bring paystubs or other proof to your consultation. You have the right to seek compensation for lost wages or a loss in your ability to earn an income, and your lawyer will need evidence to support your claim.

Your List of Questions

Chances are, you have questions about the legal process – and the initial meeting with your medical malpractice attorney is a great time to ask them. Compiling a list of questions in advance is a smart way to ensure you get the answers you need. After all, the last thing you want is to leave the law office without asking an important question.

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