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On any given day it is not uncommon to see trucks transporting things on roads throughout the state of Ohio. Sometimes, in the course of traveling from one location to another, a truck will be involved in a collision. This was the case earlier this month on a portion of the Ohio turnpike.

The incident involved two tractor-trailers. Law enforcement indicates that one of the semitrailers rear-ended the other. The vehicle that was hit was hauling trash. The truck that hit it had a load of metal coils, all of which spilled onto the highway.

It is unclear what caused the accident to occur. Often such incidents are the result of driver inattention. Other times a driver may nod off while behind the wheel or be operating the vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In still other instances, a driver could lose control as a result of a medical episode.

Depending on a variety of factors accidents involving tractor-trailers could result in serious injuries. These factors include the speed at which the truck is travelling as well as the weight of its load. In some instances these injuries are so serious that death results. Fortunately, death was not the end result in this particular accident though both drivers were hurt and taken to the hospital. Specifics regarding the nature of their injuries are not known but neither is said to have suffered serious injuries.

Whether the driver behind the wheel of either of the vehicles will face criminal charges remains to be seen. This is also the case where a civil claim is concerned as well.

Source: WFMJ, “Ohio Turnpike reopens after two truck crash near Warren,” Mike Gauntner, Sept. 5, 2013