When there is construction taking place along a roadway, it is likely that traffic will need to slow in order to make the area safer. However, if drivers are distracted or otherwise do not take the time to slow down, truck accidents could easily take place. If an individual suffers fatal injuries due to such an accident, the victim’s family members may wish to look into legal options for seeking compensation.

It was recently reported that a truck accident in Ohio proved fatal. According to reports, a car was slowing down as it was entering a construction zone, but the tractor trailer traveling behind the car did not slow down in time. As a result, the truck crashed into the back of the car. The initial collision caused the car to be pushed into another semi-truck that was in front of it. A fire also resulted from the crash.

Unfortunately, the two individuals in the car suffered fatal injuries in the accident. The ages of those parties were not released at the time of the report. Only one of the truck drivers was injured, and those injuries were considered minor. It was not mentioned whether any charges had been filed in relation to the crash.

Truck accidents that result in fatalities can be harrowing events. The family members of the victims may wish to understand how they may handle such an unexpected tragedy. If they wish to seek compensation for their losses, they may want to consider looking into information on wrongful death claims in Ohio to determine how they may be able to proceed legally. 

Source: wfmj.com, “Fiery truck accident on I-76 kills two in Jackson Township“, Aug. 11, 2015