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Each day, motor vehicles of all shapes and sizes take to roads throughout the state of Ohio. While a majority of the time these vehicles interact without a problem, at times their paths do cross. When this happens, depending on the circumstances, the outcome can be devastating. Serious injuries such as those to the brain or spine could occur. In the worst cases, death could be the end result.

Earlier this month two vehicles were involved in a crash on a road in the state. A pickup truck and a tractor-trailer collided one morning. The woman driving the pickup was seriously injured in the incident. After rescue workers took the 54-year-old woman to a hospital, she sadly died as a result of her injuries.

Law enforcement officers who responded to the accident indicated that the collision occurred when the woman driving her pickup did not stop at a stop sign. The failure to do so led the pickup into the path of the truck, which broadsided the smaller vehicle.

When the paths of two vehicles of such different sizes cross, it is not uncommon for the individual in the smaller car to be hurt. In addition, as is the case here, the driver of the larger vehicle often survives with minor, if any injuries.

In situations where serious injuries or death occur in motor vehicle accidents that are due to the negligence of another, it is possible that a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit may be filed by the injured individual or the loved ones of the person who died. Such lawsuits are often complicated and their success depends on the circumstances surrounding the crash.

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