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Toys help children learn, develop, and explore their surroundings. While most toys are safe, some toys can lead to injuries. These injuries can be the result of a flaw in the product design but can also happen when the toy is used in a way that does not follow the manufacturers’ instructions.

According to a recent U.S. Consumer Products & Safety report, an estimated 206,400 toy-related injuries were treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments in 2021.

Of these injuries:

  • 74% were sustained by children 14 years or younger
  • 69% were sustained by children 12 years or younger
  • 37% were sustained by children 4 years or younger.

Non-motorized scooters were associated with the largest number of estimated toy-related injuries among the specifically identified toys for all ages.  Falls from scooters can cause serious injuries including broken bones, cuts requiring stitches or even concussions.  It’s recommended that kids wear helmets while using a scooter.

Choking on small parts is a serious concern for younger children. Children under the age of two are more likely to put small items in their mouths leading to choking, ingestion, and asphyxiation.  If toys are not manufactured correctly, small pieces can break off and lead to a dangerous situation for younger kids. It’s recommended that if there are children of different ages in the home to keep toys for older children separate from toys for younger ones.

Ride-on toys also have many hazards, as kids can run into trees, kids, cars, or other obstructions and severely injure themselves.  We have even seen a case in Ohio of a ride-on toy catching fire.

Toys are constantly being recalled as injuries and problems are discovered, so it’s important to be vigilant in reporting any issues you may have experienced with your child using a toy.

Some recent recalls in 2023:

When a tragic incident happens to a child, because of a product defect in a toy, it is possible that a products liability lawsuit could be filed against parties responsible for the product. For more information, contact the Ohio dangerous toy team at Clark, Perdue & List.