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The manufacturer of a toy tractor has responded to a federal lawsuit filed by Marlon and Heather Buckley by denying liability for personal injury to the Buckleys’ young son. Two year old Wyatt Buckley was seriously injured in June of 2012 when a battery-operated toy tractor he was playing on burst into flames.

Peg Perego U.S.A. Inc. manufactured the toy tractor. In the court filing responding to the personal injury allegations, the company denied “all allegations of liability and/or causation.” The manufacturer further stated that the toy tractor was “reasonably fit for the uses for which it was intended…and was in compliance with all federal, state and local codes, standards, regulations, specifications and statutes regarding the manufacture, sale and use of the product.” The Buckley lawsuit, which was filed earlier this year, alleges that the toy tractor was defective in design and manufacture, carried inadequate warnings and did not comply with representations that the tractor was safe and suitable for use by small children.

Wyatt Buckey was hospitalized for approximately two months following his injury, undergoing multiple surgeries and skin grafts. He turned 3 years old while he was in the hospital.

The Buckley lawsuit asks for punitive damages and compensatory damages in excess of $75,000.00.

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