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There are a variety of different types of motor vehicles on roads throughout the state of Ohio each and every day. These vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. Where noncommercial vehicles are concerned, some of the largest ones are SUVs. When an SUV is involved in a crash with a smaller car, the end result can be devastating for the individual in the small vehicle.


Earlier this month an accident involving a car and a SUV occurred. The force of the impact caused one of the individuals involved in the collision to be trapped in the wreckage. Emergency workers who were called to the scene of the crash had to use “The Jaws of Life” to get that person out. It is unclear how many people were ultimately involved in the incident as well as how many were hurt. What is known is that the injured parties were taken to a hospital in the area. A police officer indicated that though the injuries were not life threatening, at least some of them were nonetheless serious.

There are many reasons that car accidents on Ohio roads occur. Sometimes they are due to problems with a vehicle. Other times distraction on the part of the driver is the reason. Still other times, a driver who is intoxicated is to blame. In this case it is not yet clear what caused the accident to occur. Law enforcement called to the scene indicated that it was likely not due to drunk driving however. An investigation into the matter will probably determine the cause. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident as well as who is deemed to be at fault, it is possible that personal injury lawsuits could be filed in the matter.

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