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A lawsuit has been filed in connection with a construction zone crash on Interstate 75 in July 2012. Ohio news reports show that the wrongful death claim alleges negligence on the part of the construction company that was in charge of the road repairs in West Carrollton. One man was killed in the July 13, 2012, collision.

Authorities report that the driver plunged through a gap in the construction barricades, plowing into a man-made ravine and striking a truck that had already been lodged in the large hole. Video evidence shows that both vehicles were out of sight from other drivers who were on the interstate.

Three passengers in the man’s vehicle survived the collision. They are suing the construction company, which was hired by the Ohio Department of Transportation to perform roadwork in the affected area. The company is accused of placing barrels in an unsafe fashion. The barrier placement did not prevent drivers from entering off-road areas, and they did not clearly designate unsafe areas, according to the suit.

Passengers in the case are seeking compensation for medical costs and mental anguish. They are also looking to recover funds because they missed work for a significant period time after the collision.

In this case, the passengers could also consider suing the Ohio Department of Transportation itself, along with the estate of the driver who caused the accident. News reports indicate that the construction company is the only entity facing legal action in connection with the case. The victims are seeking restitution for their medical costs, which could have been significant, considering the nature of the collision. Further, they are looking to recover compensation for intangible factors including mental anguish.

If you or a family member has been injured in a car accident caused by others’ negligence, consider seeking the assistance of a qualified personal injury attorney. These professionals can help you get the money you need and deserve after a catastrophic crash.

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