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Virtually all Ohio readers have a microwave oven in their kitchen, and many make daily use of this appliance in the preparation and reheating of food and beverages. A recently filed lawsuit claims that one of the top manufacturers of microwaves is selling units that are unsafe. As the dangerous household products claim moves forward in court, many readers will check to see whether their own microwave may be the subject of an upcoming recall.

The lawsuit claims that Electrolux is aware of a safety issue with their Frigidaire Gallery Over-the-Range microwaves that could lead to serious burns. The issue is not with the operation of the microwave itself, but with the design of the microwave handle. The handle is made of stainless steel, with no insulation or other safety features.

As a result, when the stove below the microwave is in use, the handle can heat up to temperatures as high as 168 degrees. This can lead to burns if a consumer were to grab or touch the handle, and the lawsuit claims that such injuries have taken place. The suit also claims that Electrolux has failed to issue a recall for the microwaves, nor has the company issued refunds to consumers who requested that their money be returned.

As this case moves forward, it is possible that a recall may be issued. In many cases, when a company is made aware that one of their items may fall under the category of dangerous household products, immediate action is taken. In other cases, it takes a great deal of pressure before such a move is made. As of the time of this report, representatives for Electrolux have made no comment, claiming that they have not yet been able to review the content of the lawsuit. In the meantime, many in Ohio will check to make sure that their own microwave is not the make and model at the center of the lawsuit.

Source:Ā charlotteobserver.com, “Lawsuit alleges Electrolux sells defective, harmful microwaves“, Katherine Peralta, March 4, 2015