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Multiple consumers have filed a consumer protection lawsuit in New Jersey, claiming that their Subaru vehicles burn too much oil, resulting in unexpected and expensive repair bills and engine damage. The lawsuit also alleges that these defects could result in engine failure while the vehicles are being driven.

The lawsuit specifically alleges that:

Subaru discovered the defect years ago, but was unable to eliminate the problem. Instead, Subaru told its dealerships (but not the public) that the defect existed, how to diagnose it, and what repairs to make. And Subaru continued selling and leasing the vehicles without disclosing the defect to its customers. Specifically, drivers are not told that there vehicles may run out of oil between scheduled changes or that their vehicles can shut down without warning as a result of the oil consumption defect.

According to the lawsuit, Subaru owners have been saddled with unexpected repair bills for engine problems causing the need to replace piston oil rings, gaskets and seals, cylinders and exhaust system parts.

The lawsuit seeks damages under The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, as well as damages for breach of warranty, for the failure of Subaru to act in good faith and to deal fairly with vehicle purchasers, among other claims.

The consumer protection lawyers at Clark, Perdue & List are investigating similar claims involving Subaru owners who face hugh repair bills after their vehicles’ engine oil ran low. If you or somone you know has faced this situation, contact us to determine if we may be of assistance.