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There are many tasks that become more difficult for Columbus, Ohio, residents to handle as they age. One of those things is driving. Traditionally, elderly drivers have been one of the groups targeted as being most dangerous on the road. This made many people nervous when they thought about the Baby Boomer generation entering that demographic. A study recently released indicates that trepidation may be misguided, however. It was released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The study, which looked at driving habits of individuals of many ages, determined that older drivers are spending time behind the wheel more than they once did. Despite this, the number of fatal car accidents that occurred between the years of 1997 and 2012, involving licensed individuals who are over the age of 69, declined at a significant rate-by 42 percent. There are likely many reasons for this reduction, including the fact that generally members of the older generation are healthier than in the past. In addition, all vehicles on the road are built to be safer than they once were.

While this is good news for all on the roads, motor vehicle accidents still, of course, do occur. These accidents are sometimes due to negligent actions of those behind the wheel. When someone is seriously injured or dies in a collision resulting from driver negligence, it is possible that the negligent driver could face a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

These civil cases are rarely easy to navigate but they often provide those impacted by a serious or fatal crash, with some sort of recourse. For the best result, most find it beneficial to work with an attorney who has taken on these types of cases in the past.

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