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A national settlement of Stryker hip replacment claims was announced yesterday. The total estimated settlement for the defective hip implants may exceed $1 billion.

The settlement provides for the largest base payment award for any mass tort hip implants.  People who required revision surgeries to remove a Stryker Rejuvenate or Stryker ABG II Hip Stem will receive a base payment of up to $300,000 with small deductions for age and previous hip implant surgeries.  Individuals who underwent revision surgeries on both hips will qualify for a base award of up to $600,000.  No deductions in the base award will made for obesity, smoking or diabetes.  Every claim will be measured individually.  Additional compensation may be paid for serious complications and damages relating to the failure of the device, including infections, additional surgeries, hip dislocations, femur fractures, heart attacks, strokes, lost wages and death.  There is no cap on the manufacturer’s liability under the settlement. 

The settlement is a landmark settlement for several reasons.  First, Stryker will pay current injuries and damages in addition to paying for future complications tht occur over the next two years. 

A member of the plaintiffs’ Stryker hip implant negotiating team said “The unusual terms of the settlement, and the speed with which it was obtained, speak volumes.  The magnitude and breadth of this settlement powerfully underscores the far-reaching consequences of the additional invasive surgery that imnplantation of this defective device made necessary.”

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