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When a person is transported to a hospital for the administration of emergency medical care, normally one of the first questions asked is whether that person is allergic to any medications. Unfortunately, one Ohio man — despite informing the hospital of his allergies — was administered a drug to which he was allergic. Now, his estate has filed a wrongful death suit against several defendants, accusing them of fatal medical malpractice.

The 53-year-old man was a resident at an Ohio nursing home. He was transported to an area hospital due to trouble breathing and ascites, which is when fluid builds up in the lining between a person’s abdomen and the organs in that region. When he was admitted, his allergies were noted in his medical chart as well as a physician reconciliation form; those allergies included Keflex.

Supposedly, a doctor and nurse administered Rocephin to the man, and Rocephin and Keflex are in the same “drug class.” The man had an allergic reaction to the drug, and he passed away. The deceased’s estate claims that the medical professionals should have known that the man would be allergic to Rocephin due to its similarities to Keflex.

The man’s estate names several defendants in the wrongful death suit and accuses them of negligence and fatal medical malpractice. The estate is seeking monetary compensation of over $25,000 for consequential, incidental and medical damages. If successful, not only will they receive the reimbursements for the damages, but they may also feel a sense of relief, knowing that justice was served.

Source: athensnews.com, “Wrongful death lawsuit filed against O’Bleness, OhioHealth“, David DeWitt, Dec. 21, 2014