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The product recalls claims against General Motors Co. for injuries and deaths linked to a defect in GM ignition switches increased substantially last week.  According to a report from the attorney who is overseeing the settlement program, the number of claims rose by 30 percent to 1,130.

Since product recalls claims were first accepted on August 1st, 24 death claims and 16 claims for injuries have been approved for compensation.

Most of the new claims are for less serious injuries.  Less serious injuries are defined as injuries that required hospitalization but did not result in permanent damage.  Those claims are expected to receive lower settlement offers than claims for serious injury or death.

As of last week, 165 death claims have been submitted to the settlement program.  Eligible death claims will receive at least $1 million.  In addition to the $1 million starting point, death claims will be evaluated on factors including whether the deceased victim had dependents at the time of death.

GM has set aside $400 million to fund the compensation program and has indicated that another $200 million might be added.

Cash offers of settlement have been made to 15 families or individuals.  Settlement offers have been accepted by at least three families.

Claims for injury or death related to accidents involving GM vehicles that were recalled due to faulty ignition switches must be by December 31st to be eligible for settlement under the GM ignition switch victim compensation program.

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