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Product recalls involving motor vehicles continue to make news.  The massive recall involving Takata airbags has now been expanded to include more than 34 million  vehicles – almost one out of every seven cars on American highways.  Toyyo-based Takata is one of the world’s biggest air-bag manufacturers.  It supplies air bags to most major automakers.

Most of the recalled airbags are in Honda vehicles, however, 10 other automakers are affected as well.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently compiling a list of all cars with recalled airbags on a website designated to the Takata recall.

Because of the enormity of the recall, it could take some time for all recalled airbags to be repaired.  The NHTSA is working with automakers and Takata to prioritize which vehicles should be repaired first.  Older cars and vehicles in states with high humidity will have the highest priority since the problems associated with the airbags are believed to be related to age and humidity.

The airbag recall is the result of a defect in Takata airbags.  Takata airbags can improperly inflate and rupture, causing shrapnel to be “fired” into the vehicle.  At least five deaths have been connected to the recall defect.  One of the deaths in the United States was originally investigated as a homicide due to the nature of the horrific injuries suffered by the victim.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a defective Takata airbag or any other product recalls, you may have a claim.  Contact the Ohio product liability attorneys at Clark, Perdue & List.