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Many Ohio residents are likely among the millions of people who do their grocery shopping at local supermarkets. As a result, they may not be fully aware of how the products they purchase are manufactured or whether the products may have been contaminated in some way. Therefore, consumers may only be alerted to issues with their products when a recall is issued, and in some cases, the product may have already caused problems that could result in product liability claims.

It was recently reported that Kraft Heinz has recently recalled over 2 million pounds of Oscar Meyer brand bacon. The bacon was reported as being turkey bacon that apparently has the risk of spoiling before the “best by” date on the package. The products were distributed nationwide and were part of at least two different turkey bacon ranges produced by the company.

The company was alerted to the situation after consumers filed complaints about the product spoiling. Additionally, some illnesses had also been reported as having come about due to consuming the product. It was unclear what the extent of these illnesses were, but the report stated that there was a “remote possibility” that negative health affects could result.

If Ohio residents have purchased similar products, they may wish to determine whether the products are covered under the recall. Additionally, if individuals have consumed the product and become severely ill — which could potentially occur with the elderly, young children or individuals with pre-existing health issues — they may wish to consider their legal options. Filing a product liability claim could allow negatively affected parties to seek compensation for medical bills and other monetary damages that may have resulted.

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