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After a devastating single-car crash in Licking County, three teenagers were killed and two more were injured. The three teens — two 15-year-old girls and a 17-year-old boy — were back seat passengers when the fatal car accident occurred. It is not clear at this time whether Ohio criminal charges will be filed against the 16-year-old driver.

When the authorities investigated the scene, they initially determined that speed was a factor in the crash. Just how fast the car was going before impact has yet to be determined, as the investigation is still underway. The authorities said that skid marks near the vehicle indicate that the driver either slammed on his brakes or that he lost control of the vehicle due to his speed before the crash occurred.

The car slammed into a tree, splitting the vehicle in two. The three back seat passengers were partially ejected from the vehicle, and they each died upon the impact. The driver and front seat passenger were both injured in the crash and taken to an area hospital for treatment. Their conditions at this time are unknown.

When teenagers die without getting the chance to grow up and live a long life, it is understandably tragic. Even though another teen was driving the car, the families of the teenagers who died could still elect to file an Ohio wrongful death suit against the driver and the owner of the vehicle. Regardless of whether criminal charges are filed against the driver following the fatal car accident, the families of the deceased can still try to gain closure by successfully pursuing a civil claim.

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