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A 6-year old Ohio girl has been hospitalized in critical condition with dog bites following an attack by two pit bulls.

Police officers in Westwood, Ohio were called to the scene where they found the child on the sidewalk being mauled by the dogs. The animals then attacked the responding officers. The dogs were shot and killed.

The child was reportedly playing outside of her home with her brother when she was attacked.

The little girl was transported to a local hospital where she spent hours in the operating room, undergoing emergency surgery for serious facial injuries.

A witness reported hearing the child scream. “I came out the door. I hear someone screaming first and I came out and seen two of the pit bulls, and they wouldn’t get off of her.”

No details were available as to whether the dog owner will face charges. Due to the massive injuries suffered by the child, the case was assigned to Cincinnati Police Department homicide investigators.

Statistically, children are the most frequent victims of dog bites and attacks. Most dog bite injuries to children are to the face, head and neck. Everyone should be informed about how to avoid becoming a dog bite victim.

Dog owners are responsible for injury caused by their pets. The Ohio dog bite attorneys at Clark, Perdue & List have represented numerous dog bite victims. If you or your child has suffered injuries as a result of a dog bite, call Clark, Perdue & List.