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When a person speeds, they put themselves and all others nearby at risk of being injured. A pedestrian was recently killed during a high-speed car chase between a suspect and local Ohio police officers. The man was reportedly walking on his way to work when he lost his life in the fatal accident.

The chase initially began when police officers tried to "stop and locate" a man during a drug investigation despite the fact that supposedly no warrant was out for that man’s arrest. The officers allegedly found him and tried to stop him before he got into his car, but they were unsuccessful. The man’s vehicle purportedly struck two police cruisers, injuring two police officers.

From there, the pursuit began. At times, the car containing the suspect as well as the police cruisers sped up to almost 100 mph. The pursuit reportedly twisted and turned all over Trotwood for close to an hour. The chase ended when the suspect lost control and hit a telephone pole. Both the driver and a passenger in the vehicle were okay, but somewhere along the way, the driver struck and killed the pedestrian.

What charges the driver faces after the fatal accident are unclear. However, regardless of the course the criminal process takes, the family of the deceased Ohio pedestrian may still elect to file a wrongful death suit. In this case, the family may be able to name both the driver as well as the police department as defendants, claiming that their negligent and reckless conduct in speeding through the city at such high speeds was responsible for the senseless loss of their loved one.

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