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Individuals may feel the need to pursue civil legal action for various reasons. In some cases, individuals who have been the victims of medical malpractice may wish to file a claim in order to seek compensation. If Ohio residents want to take such action, they may find it helpful to gain information on how to file a claim in their area.

One man in another state was recently awarded compensation due to medical malpractice. It was reported that the man had gone to a medical facility due to experience abdominal pain. Because the man had a history with Crohn’s disease, the physicians reportedly attributed the pain to the disease. However, there was more to the matter, and an ulcer in the man’s abdomen went undiagnosed.

As a result of the misdiagnosis, the man’s Crohn’s disease was exacerbated, and he required multiple surgeries and years worth of hospitalizations. The man believed that the doctors did not adhere to an appropriate standard of care when they examined him, and he filed a claim for medical malpractice. A jury recently awarded the man approximately $28 million in damages, but that amount will likely be reduced due to medical malpractice compensation caps.

Experiencing any type of medical issue can be frightening for patients. If their problem is not correctly diagnosed, they could face extended periods of pain and undergo medical procedures that may not have been necessary if they had been properly diagnosed. If Ohio residents believe that they may have been victims of such actions, they may want to explore medical malpractice claims to determine whether filing a claim could be right for them.

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