Ohio truck accidents: Woman killed after being struck on I-90 | Clark, Perdue & List

Roadways can be treacherous for travelers and can become even more dangerous if an individual must get out of his or her vehicle on or near a road. Passing vehicles can pose considerable threats to pedestrians, and sometimes result in serious car or truck accidents.  It was recently reported that such an incident took place in Ohio.

Apparently, a woman had stopped and exited her vehicle on Interstate 90 at approximately 10:30 a.m. It was not clear at the time of the report why the woman got out of her car, but it was noted that the vehicle was off to the side of the road. Nonetheless, after exiting the car, the woman was hit by a passing semi-truck.

The woman suffered fatal injuries after being hit, though it was not mentioned whether she was pronounced dead at the scene or if she succumbed to those injuries at a later time. Though the accident closed the roadway for more than four hours, authorities are continuing their investigation. It was not mentioned whether any charges may result from the incident.

It is always a harrowing situation when car and truck accidents result in the deaths of individuals involved. Because such an outcome stemmed from this Ohio accident, the victim’s family may wish to explore their legal options. These types of legal claims are filed within the civil justice system and are based upon evidence of negligence. Information on wrongful death claims could help them determine whether they would like to take such legal action in order to seek compensation for their loss and other resulting damages.

Source: cleveland.com, “Woman dies after accident involving semitrailer on I-90 West in Mentor“, Jane Morice, Dec. 24, 2015