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When a serious accident takes place in which a person is severely injured, it is likely that that individual will be taken to the hospital. At the hospital, injured parties should be examined and treated for the injuries they have suffered. However, there are situations in which adequate treatment may not be administered, and individuals could potentially die as a result of medical negligence.

It was recently reported that an Ohio teen that had been involved in an injury-causing accident has died. The accident reportedly took place two weeks before the 16-year-old boy’s death. The boy had been riding his bicycle on the roadway when he was hit from behind by a vehicle. The accident resulted in the boy suffering a head injury, for which he was treated at a hospital and sent home.

Later, the boy’s sister found him having seizures on his bedroom floor. He was taken to the hospital, where he went into a coma. Unfortunately, he did not wake up from the coma. The family expressed their doubts that the boy had been ready to be sent home after the accident and his initial treatment.

If the family believes that medical negligence may have led to the boy’s death, they may wish to consider their legal options. Filing a medical malpractice claim could allow them to seek compensation from the doctors and/or other medical staff that were considered responsible for treating the boy and subsequently sending him home. Information on such claims and how to move forward with a filing in Ohio may interest concerned parties.

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