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An Ohio medical center is facing a $5.25 million settlement in connection with a 2006 birth that went horribly awry. The medical center decided to settle the case, which was filed by a local couple after the birth injury suffered by their son during delivery. The child has dealt with significant brain damage as a result of the botched birth.

Official reports show that the physician, now 76 and retired, failed to properly manage the mother’s labor. The child’s mother was admitted to the Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center on April 28, 2006. Her child was delivered by emergency Caesarean section about 14 hours later. The physician was accused of taking too long to determine whether a C-section would be necessary, causing the child to suffer serious injury. Additionally, the doctor was found to be negligent in the administration of the birth drug Pitocin, a medication that increases the strength of uterine contractions. In this case, the drug should not have been administered because the baby was not receiving enough oxygen.

The 33-year-old woman now cares for her 7-year-old child around the clock. He suffered profound brain damage as a result of the physician’s mistakes. The woman, who is a U.S. citizen from Somalia, said her family is pleased with the settlement. She lives with her husband and two teenaged children.

This is the second-largest payout from the medical center. The most expensive claim was related to a 2003 medical incident in which a woman went into respiratory arrest without doctors noticing.

In this case, the family can use the money to pay for the expensive continued care that their son will require. Brain injuries are among the most expensive ailments to treat, largely because they affect so many aspects of an individual’s ability to function. The money will be used to pay for medication and physicians’ fees, along with potential attendants and other treatment.

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