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For individuals who have allergies, product labels can be very important. Manufacturers must use labels to list ingredients and possible allergens on their products in order to inform consumers about any risks that may be involved in using the product. However, in some cases, labels may be incorrect or omit such information, and consumers could be at risk of consuming dangerous products.

Ohio residents may be interested in a recent recall affecting Zatarain’s Red Beans and Rice. The packages were apparently also labeled as “original.” The issue regarding the product is that its labels do not reflect a possible dairy allergen that is in the product. As a result, individuals who are allergic to dairy products could potentially consume the food due to being unaware of the ingredients.

The products were shipped to numerous states for distribution, including Ohio. At the time of the report, there had been no reported allergic reactions or other health issues resulting from the consumption of the product. However, allergic reactions can cause severe issues for individuals who may unwittingly consume the red beans and rice, and affected parties may need to seek medical attention.

If Ohio residents believe that they or a loved one may have consumed the dangerous products and suffered health complications as an outcome, they may wish to consider their legal options. Information on product liability claims could provide interested parties with knowledge concerning how to seek compensation for damages resulting from the issue. Filing such a claim could allow individuals to work toward being awarded restitution for pain and suffering, medical bills and/or other negative outcomes stemming from the product consumption.

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