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Instances of medical malpractice can take place in any part of the country, including Ohio. As a result, some patients may be understandably wary about undergoing medical procedures due to the risks of surgical mistakes that could occur. If a patient does believe that he or she was seriously injured due to such mistakes, there may be cause to pursue legal action.

It was recently reported that a woman in another state filed a claim after suffering an injury during surgery. Apparently, the woman was undergoing a spinal surgery when she suffered a neurological injury. The reports stated that the medical professionals associated with the case were allegedly negligent, which led to the injury taking place. 

The negligence included acts such as improper retractor placement, failure to diagnose the injury and not taking the proper steps to prevent the injury. It was unclear how the injury affected the woman’s life, but it was stated that she is seeking compensation for personal and monetary damages. Through the legal claim, she is working to gain compensation of over $50,000 from the doctor, hospital and other defendants named in the case. 

Injuries suffered due to surgical mistakes are often serious and can lead to a patient being greatly affected. If an Ohio resident underwent surgery and suffered negative outcomes, he or she may wish to assess the case and determine whether pursuing legal action could be a reasonable path to take. Additional information on filing medical malpractice claims is available from reliable resources and consulting with an experienced attorney may prove beneficial. 

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