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When an individual is seriously injured, he or she likely expects doctors to take the necessary steps in order to treat the injury. Unfortunately, some Ohio residents could be at risk of suffering further injury due to medical negligence on the part of doctors or other hospital staff. It was recently reported that a man in another state became paralyzed after doctors failed to treat a spinal fracture in time.

Reports stated that the man had been injured while working as a logger when part of a tree collided with his back. The incident resulted in his suffering a spinal injury that caused him severe pain. Because of the pain, the man was unable to position himself for a full set of spinal X-rays. Rather than order a complete CT scan for a more accurate view of the injuries, doctors apparently used the incomplete X-rays. 

As a result of just using the X-rays, a fracture in the man’s spine was missed. He was hospitalized for three days, spent two more days at home and was later taken to another hospital. By the time the fracture was detected, the man had become paralyzed from the chest down. He filed a legal claim against the doctors associated with his care, and his case was successful. He and his wife were awarded compensation of more than $2 million.

Medical negligence can be frightening to experience, and as this case shows, serious and lasting injuries could result. If Ohio residents believe that they were negatively affected by the actions of medical professionals, they may wish to consider taking legal action of their own. Information on filing civil claims for medical malpractice may help interested parties determine if they would like to move in such a direction.

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