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Medical malpractice is a term that may frighten many Ohio residents. They may fear that they will be the victim of negligence or medical errors that would lead to serious repercussions. Unfortunately, situations such as this do occur, and individuals who are not properly diagnosed could face unnecessary discomfort. Failure to diagnose an issue is a serious situation that could lead to medical malpractice claims.

One woman in another state recently filed a legal claim due to not receiving a timely diagnosis for diabetes. It was reported that the woman had gone to see a medical professional due to certain symptoms, but she was apparently not immediately diagnosed. Reports also indicated that the symptoms the woman was experiencing at the time pointed to an impaired glucose tolerance. 

Due to having a delayed diagnosis, the woman suffered pain in her extremities and was at higher risk of infection in her lower extremities. Because of this hazard, she was also at risk for potential amputation should such an infection arise. Due to the circumstances, the woman filed a claim and is currently seeking reparations of more than $30,000. Because the facility named in the case was considered a federal entity, the case has been removed to federal court. 

When individuals are suffering due to the medical issues that they face, it can be disheartening to learn that the prolonged pain was not entirely necessary. In the absence of an issue regarding a failure to diagnose, many individuals could receive treatment for medical problems more quickly. If Ohio residents have faced such a situation and suffered additional negative injuries, they may wish to consider their legal options by consulting a medical malpractice attorney.

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