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When a family member dies, often there is little that can be done to assuage the feelings of sadness and loss. For some, action provides a balm for their frayed emotions. An Ohio family who lost a loved one in a fatal car accident is doing what it can to change the law and, in doing so, honor the memory of the woman who died.

The proposed legislation is called Annie’s Law in honor of the woman who passed away. It would put an interlock ignition device in the vehicle of anyone in Ohio found guilty of driving while under the influence, even those convicted for their first offense. The device does not allow the vehicle to which it is installed to start if the driver cannot pass a Breathalyzer test.

The Annie in Annie’s Law died last year. She was bicycling when she was struck and killed by a drunk driver. According to reports, the woman driving the car had a blood alcohol content that was double what is allowed by law. The accident involving Annie was reportedly the fourth time she had been caught and charged with drunk driving. She is currently serving an eight-year sentence.

Annie’s family said their efforts to get the law passed are the only thing that allows them to go on. They say they hope that what they are doing can prevent another family from having to go through the same grief and heartache they have experienced because of this fatal car accident. In addition to their efforts to change legislation, they have the right to consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the woman found responsible for the death of their loved one. It is one more action they can take to try to bring closure from the event that caused so much pain for their family.

Source: wlwt.com, Ohio family presents law honoring woman killed by drunk driver, Ben Petracco, March 6, 2014